Metro Italia
  • RUISLIP - 34 High street, HA4 7AN - Ruislip
  • MILL HILL - Champions way, NW4 1PX - Mill Hill


Delightful traditional Italian restaurant, which makes you travel back in time. Warm and rustic look as you walk in the restaurant, the clock’s on the wall make you desire to travel to Paris to enjoy the tempting Italian cuisine that vibrates colours and aromas trough every dish. If you enjoy a good meal with a good food portion, this is the place to go... absolutely breath taking and mouth watering.
About Us
  • RUISLIP • 01895 679 099
  • MILL HILL • 0208 202 6863

A genuine Italian experience in London.


Metro Italia’s menu highlights classic Italian dishes such as Lasagne, Veal Milanese served spaghetti, Chicken escalope on aubergines and mozzarella, Seabass with reduced balsamic vinegar coulis, or the delectable butterflied king prawns on a bed of rice with white wine and cherry tomato sauce.
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