Metro Italia


Olive piccanti
Seletion of Mediterranean olives marinated in garlic, chilli & herbs.


Pane all’aglio (garlic bread) /…with cheese

Pizza garlic

Pizza topped with tomato, garlic & oregano.

Chopped fresh tomato, basil, red onions, garlic, marinated in
extra virgin olive oil. Served on toasted bread with cheese.

Funghi al forno
Mix mushrooms pan-fried in extra virgin olive oil,
garlic basil and tomato sauce, topped with melted cheese.

Antipasto italiano (ideal to share) x2
Selection of italian salami, cheeses & grilled vegetables,
served with toasted bread.

Traditional italian vegetable soup. Served with italian bread.

Mozzarella tricolore
Avocado, tomato & fresh mozzarella drizzled with balsamico & olive oil.