Metro Italia

Rose’ & Sparkling wines

 House rosé (Italy)
A very easy drinking wine, with a fruity taste and soft finish, excellent with salad & light meals.

Pinot grigio blush (Italy)
Refreshing, slightly fruity wine with a light pink colour and an excellent taste.

Rosamaro – Negroamaro (Italy)
A light rosé sparkling wine with a fine and delicate perlage, very smooth on the palate with an intense and fruity bouquet.

Brachetto dolce (Italy)
A very appealing sweet sparkling rosé wine, from piedmont, north of Italy, is highly aromatic wine with distinctive notes of strawberries.
Excellent with starters and appetisers.

Prosecco Ca’Bolani (Italy)
Our highly awarded prosecco, from Friuli, north Italy, is a sparkling wine aperitif which is an alcoholic beverage usually served before a meal to stimulate the appetite.