Metro Italia

White wines

 House white (Italy)
This light wine is dry and refreshing. Excellent with light meals.

 Chardonnay (Italy)
This wine, from Friuli, north Italy, has a refreshing acidity and a nice finish.

 Sauvignon blanc (Italy)
This dry wine from Veneto, north Italy, is light and pleasantly fruity, excellent with fish and salad.

Pinot grigio (Italy)
A dry wine from Veneto, with an aromatic fragrance, is for sure the most popular Italian white wine in the world.

 Gavi di Gavi (Italy)
Made from Cortese grape, this wine is dry and refreshing. It’s produced in a restricted region of Piedmont, north of Italy.

 Sauvignon blanc (New Zealand)
Exclusive dry withe wine from new zealand. Intense with unique balance, crisp and fruity.