Metro Italia

Red wines

House red (Italy)
Easy drinking wine, slightly fruity. Excellent in combination with any light meal.

Chianti (Italy)IMG_1516
From Tuscany, cental Italy, this medium bodied wine is spicy & fruity, with dry palate and soft finish.

Bardolino classico (Italy)
This ruby red wine, from Veneto, north Italy is extremely harmonious and firm with a fruity taste

Nero d’Avola (Italy)
This Intensely aromatic Sicilian red wine is young and full bodied, with a long and pleasant finish.

Merlot (Italy)
This wine, from Veneto, with a rich & intense violet color, has an elegant structure and is full of character.

 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Italy)
Our montepulciano, the original one, from the Abruzzo region, is a full bodied wine with a unique harmonic & velvety taste.

 Ripasso di Amarone (Italy)
The “little brother”of Amarone is made by letting rest the Valpolicella wine in the Amarone pressed skin vats for around 20 days. This wine is full body and velvety at palatine and has a voluminous fruity bouquet.