Metro Italia


Special KIDS

Penne arrabbiata
Short pasta with garlic, onions, basil, chilli & tomato sauce.

Penne pollo
Short pasta with tender fillet of chicken, tomato and a touch of cream.

Penne gamberoni e vodka
Short pasta with vodka flamed king prawns & asparagus in a light cream sauce

Fusilli vegetariani
Fusilli with courgettes, aubergines, mushrooms, onions & garlic, in tomato sauce.pasta_metroitralia

Fusilli puttanesca
Fusilli with tuna, anchovies, olives, in garlic, fresh chilli & tomato sauce.

Spaghetti marinara
Spaghetti with calamari, prawns, mussels and clams, in garlic & fresh tomato sauce.

Spaghetti bolognese
Spaghetti in traditional homemade Italian meaty ragù.

Linguine ai gamberoni
A flattened spaghetti-like pasta, with devein tiger prawns in
light tomato sauce, topped with rocket leaves.

Linguine al granchio
A flattened spaghetti-like pasta, with crab meat, cherry tomatoes,
anchovie, parsley, garlic, chilli, extra virgin olive oil and a lemon wedge.

Tortelloni al pesto rosso
Fresh Italian egg pasta filled with spinach & ricotta, served in a sauce of
cherry tomato, garlic & basil. Topped with a touch of pesto Genovese.

Fettuccine alla carbonara
Egg noodles with crispy bacon, parmesan cheese and cream sauce.

Fettuccine d’autore
Egg noodles with chicken, mushrooms, chilli, garlic & olive oil (no tomato).

Fettuccine salmone e rucola
Egg noodles with salmon, rocket leaves in a delicious creamy brandy sauce.

Crespelle ricotta e spinaci
Rolled pancakes with ricotta cheese & spinach, topped with tomato &
bechamel sauce and gratinated with parmesan cheese.

Lasagna al forno
Layers of barilla egg pasta in minced beef, bechamel sauce,
gratinated in the oven with cheese.

Risotto di pollo
Basmati rice with chicken, mushrooms, parmesan cheese and a touch of cream.

Risotto di mare
Basmati rice with king prawns, calamari, clams, sweet cherry tomatoes and basil.