Metro Italia


 Italian salad
Fresh mozzarella cubes, onions, black pitted olives, cucumber,Prawn salad
fresh tomatoes, mix salad & rocket leaves.

Chicken salad
Chicken strips in bread crumbs with olives, croutons, onions,
carrots, cucumber, fresh tomatoes & mix salad leaves.

 Tuna salad
Tuna chunks, beans, egg, carrots, olives, cucumber, sliced new potatoes,
artichokes, fresh tomatoes, red onions & mix salad leaves

 Avocado salmon salad
Avocado, delicate slice smoked salmon, peeled prawns in cocktail sauce,
cucumber, tomatoes on a bed of mix salad leaves and dusted with sweet paprika.

 Greek salad
Fresh mix salad leaves, feta cheese, avocado, mediterranean olives marinated
with herbs, garlic & veggies, cherry tomatoes topped with crispy bacon
& a dash of pesto dressing

 Crab salad 
Crab meat mixed with spring onions & mayonnaise , avocado, carrots,
cucumber, tomatoes on a bed of mix leaves topped with fresh rocket salad

 Seafood salad 
Selection of squids, octopus, cuttlefish, prawns & mussels, with peppers, carrot &
celery, all marinated in lemon, vinegar and olive oil and topped with balsamic glaze.