Metro Italia


Traditional italian vegetable soup. Served with Italian bread.

 Bruschetta al formaggiofood
Chopped fresh tomato, basil, red onions, garlic, marinated in extra virgin olive oil.
Served on toasted bread with cheese.

 Funghi al forno
Mix mushrooms pan-fried in extra virgin olive oil, garlic basil and tomato sauce, topped with melted cheese.

 Antipasto italiano (ideal to share) x2
Selection of italian salami, cheeses & grilled vegetables, served with toasted bread.

 Mozzarella tricolore
Avocado, tomato & fresh mozzarella drizzled with balsamico & extra virgin olive oil.

Gamberi piccanti
Selection of prawns cooked in mushrooms, garlic & chilli,
in tomato sauce with a touch of cream. Served with toast.

Salmone affumicato
Rolls of Scottish smoked salmon with rocket leaves, lemon and olive oil.
Served with brown toast.

 Avocado e gamberetti
Avocado coupled with a generous portion of peeled prawns in cocktail sauce,
served with brown bread & butter.

 Parmigiana e cotto
Layers of buttered aubergine slices & Italian ham, with mozzarella,
parmesan cheese, basil & tomato sauce. Baked in the oven.

Alette Piri Piri
Chicken wings in a homemade Piri Piri sauce.