Metro Italia


Genuine Italian desserts from bindi.

Il Nostro Tiramisù
Delicious mascarpone cream with traditional Savoiardi biscuit,
soaked in a coffee & Tia Maria liqueur, finished with cocoa powder.


Torta Millefoglie
Milfoil, crispy layers of puff pastry, with Italian patisserie cream,
dusted with icing sugar and caramel sauce.
Banoffee pie
Toffee and fresh banana topped with Chantilly cream,
chocolate curls and toffee sauce, set on a crunchy base.
Torta della Nonna
Shortcrust pastry tart, filled with lemon patisserie cream,
dusted with icing sugar and crowned with pine nuts.
Served warm, with a scoop of gelato.


Torta Mele Casalinga
Shortcrust pastry lattice tart, filled with baked apples,
caramelised with honey & cinnamon syrup.
Served warm with a scoop of gelato.


Crostata di pere
Shortcrust pastry with almond cream and fresh pears
topped with warm custard and dusted with cinnamon powder.


Chocolate Fudge Cake
Chocolate sponge layers, with rich moist chocolate fudge.
Served with our vanilla gelato.


Cheesecake Brûlée
Italian cheesecake with ricotta cheese and zabaglione cream
on a traditional biscuit base, baked with a rich golden caramel sauce.


Italian Cheesecake 
Cream-cheese filling on a cookie-crumb base,
topped with delicious glazed strawberries.


Chocolate Profiteroles 
Choux pastry filled with vanilla flavoured cream,
topped with chocolate sauce.
Waffle with gelato
A warm Belgian waffle topped with a
gelato of your choice and decorated with topping.


Coppa gelato - Yoghurt 
LOW FAT yoghurt gelato, blended with fruits of the forest and black cherries
and swirled with a rich berry sauce, in glass coppa.


Coppa gelato - Pistachio 
Pistachio and fior di latte gelato slowly blended with
roasted Sicilian pistachios, in a glass coppa.
Coppa Stracciatella
Fior di latte gelato blended with
chocolate chips on a delicious chocolate base.
Topped with cream and chocolate sauce.


Sorbetto al Limoncello 
Light and refreshing LOW FAT lemon sorbet,
made only from genuine Italian squeezed lemons
and a touch of traditional limoncello, in a flute glass.


Coppettina Brûlée
A delicious crème brûlée topped with
caramelized brown sugar served in a glass pot.


Sticky Toffee Pudding
A traditionally made sticky toffee packed with
dates and coated with lashings of toffee sauce.


Soufflé al cioccolato
Divine melting pudding, with a delightful liquid
chocolate centre, coupled with a scoop of gelato.


Panna cotta
A traditional Italian dessert made of cream and fresh milk
topped with strawberry, chocolate, red berries or toffee sauce.